Magnesium citrate Vit B6 120 vegetal capsules : STRESS -MUSCLES - SLEEP
  • Magnesium citrate Vit B6 120 vegetal capsules : STRESS -MUSCLES - SLEEP

Magnesium citrate Vit B6 120 vegetal capsules : STRESS -MUSCLES - SLEEP

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Magnesium Citrate: pamper our body both for the reduction of fatigue, and for the morale and well-being of our muscles.


With a glass of water:

2 capsules with the evening meal

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The contribution of Magnesium Citrate:


For 2 capsules:

Magnesium citrate 200mg, 1.4 mg of Vit B6, white rice flour, vegetable capsule.

Bottle of 120 capsules.

Its components:

Magnesium is an elemental mineral essential for cell function.

Magnesium citrate is a preparation of magnesium in the form of a salt with citric acid, which is easily absorbed by the body

Magnesium contributes:

  • To the reduction of fatigue
  • To the good condition of our muscles
  • Maintaining bones and teeth
  • Maintain normal psychological functions

Magnesium citrate exhibits excellent bioavailability, highest when compared to chelated forms and magnesium oxide. Citric acid, a low molecular weight organic acid, promotes the absorption of magnesium by increasing its solubility. Magnesium citrate is a well tolerated form (at high doses, slight laxative effect in some: caution in case of colopathy with diarrhea).

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine): Considered one of the most effective vitamins, it intervenes in the metabolism of amino acids and proteins, essential for the transformation of tryptophan, useful against certain nervous and cutaneous disorders.

Our magnesium is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It does not contain any major allergens.

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