Red Yeast with CoQ10 120 caps : Cholesterol
  • Red Yeast with CoQ10 120 caps : Cholesterol

Red Yeast with CoQ10 120 caps : Cholesterol

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1 capsule per day with a meal and a glass of water

This nutritional supplement is formulated with Red Yeast Rice, CoEnzyme Q10 and Rice Policosanol and is CITRININE FREE.

This supplement is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

DLC: October 31, 2025



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The contribution of Red Yeast Rice / Co Enzyme Q10


For 1 capsule:

Red Yeast Rice Powder including Monacoline 2.9mg, CoEnzyme Q10 25mg, rice extract 10mg including Policosanol 0.14mg.

Bottle of 120 vegetable capsules.

Its components:

Red Rice Yeast:

Red Yeast Rice provides lovastatin (monacolin K), which is a natural statin.

It does not have the disadvantages of synthetic statins because it is biocompatible. Nevertheless, it remains a statin and must be supervised by a competent professional in the event of prolonged use.

Statins lower the level of CoEnzyme Q10, which is why our formula contains 50 mg of CoEnzyme Q10 per capsule.

Properties recognized by European authorities*:

- contributes to maintaining a normal level of LDL cholesterol on the condition of providing a daily dose of monacolin K (lovastatin) equal to 10mg.

*The information takes into account the framework of authorized health claims according to the European legislation on food supplements (EC n° 1924/2006). EFSA 1648

CoEnzyme Q10:

The CoEnzyme Q10 that we have selected is the ubiquinone form: the body can thus assimilate the quantity it really needs on a daily basis, avoiding any risk of saturation at the level of intestinal absorption.

Essential supplement when taking statins.


Rice policosanol complements the action of Red Yeast Rice


Avoid for pregnant or breastfeeding women, do not give to children under 16 years old.

Medical follow-up is essential.

Do not take if on statin therapy, hypothyroidism, kidney failure, muscle disease, liver problem or alcohol dependence.

May increase the side effects of certain medications (such as any statin): blood thinners, medications for fungal infections, antiproteases for HIV/AIDS, certain medications for heart rhythm disorders, certain antibiotics.

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